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Whole Women Health Podcast with Bethany Gadbois

I enjoy all my podcast guests, but this one is special❤️‍🔥

💥As Promised💥

Meet your triple threat Kellie! She is absolutely a threat to the status quo with the work she’s doing as an ICU nurse, holistic nutritionist, and health & nontoxic advocate💥

I met Kellie last summer when we first crossed paths with S&C, quickly seeing that we both had holistic health living in common. We instantly clicked and have collaborated together #womensupportingwomen 💥

Kellie has been doing community events in the central & Worcester mass area, which you may have seen her pop up at. If not, you most likely will! She has amazing things in the works for a healthier future for us💥

Show Kellie some❤️‍🔥 by giving this episode a listen. I think you will appreciate her #WholeWomanWisdom at the end💥

Follow & find Kellie💥 A Better Path to Wellness


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