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Eat Intact- Truly Healthy Snacks

I am Dr. Amir Saberi founder of EAT INTACT. My goal is to provide you with a lot of information regarding different aspects of healthy food products. Personally, I have been always obsessively looking for healthy food products too. When I say healthy foods, I mean truly healthy ones. There are a lot of food products in the market that are claimed as healthy, but unfortunately, they are not. To better distinguish between truly healthy foods and healthy ones, I am going to call the former differently as INTACT FOOD products. Why INTACT FOOD?

Because one of the main requirements of truly healthy products is to contain only whole ingredients that are somehow Intact.


You might ask who I am and why you could trust me and my recommendations. That is a valid question. I have a Ph.D. in food science and technology. I have over 15 years of academic and industrial experience developing innovative food technologies and products, and I'd love to share my experience with you.


Now, the question is how I can help you better identify these healthy products.


To answer this question, let me share with you my frustration with finding intact food products. One day I decided to go to one of the Whole Foods near my house and look for healthy snack bars. I went through around 20-30 brands to choose a few healthy ones for myself. Guess what? I could find only a few of them that where truly healthy. Then I thought if it is frustrating for me to find Intact food products, how more difficult it could be for you to find them?


So, I have launched the Eat Intact Instagram page through which you will get information about different aspects of truly healthy food products/Intact Food products.


Most food products in the market are not TRULY healthy. Food labeling is also very deceiving in that it prevents consumers from identifying truly healthy food products.


But, no worries!!!


We are here to help!


We have over 15 years of academic and industrial experience in food science and technology and excellent knowledge of food labeling, food ingredients, and their underlying processes.


There might be two groups of people who are dealing with this problem:


Group 1: Those who love to spend time going through the nutrition facts and ingredient list but more information would help them better identify truly healthy food products.


Solution for group 1: We have launched www.eatintact.comthrough which the consumers can get free consultations as well as free content regarding various aspects of healthy food products.


Group 2: Those who do not have time to consider labeling information but would like to have access to an online store offering these healthy food products for their convenience for purchase.


Solution for group 2: is also an online store through which the consumers can get access to a wide range of healthy food products collected via a simple and transparent filtering process. We have a section for everyone: vegan, nut free, soy free, gluten free, kid friendly and more!


Please feel free to use combination of both. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you and your family eat more intact.






Amir Saberi, Ph.D.Founder

Eat Intact Email: 

Cell: (413) 695-2174 



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