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Changing the Narrative on Care for Endometriosis

Changing the Narrative on Care for Endometriosis

When women are told that they are exhibiting symptoms of endometriosis, typically one of a few things happens. They are suggested to undergo laparoscopic surgery, take birth control pills, other hormone therapies, or pain medication, are recommended anti-depressive medications, or are told to just try to get pregnant. How do I know that this happens? Because I have been clinically diagnosed with endometriosis myself, and I have seen these options provided to women in the endometriosis community. Although these hormonal therapies, pain medications, and surgery are legitimate, effective allopathic (traditional medicine) options, they can have side effects and risks that may make people uncomfortable, and there is more to care than just these options. Hence, this is where an integrative perspective is ideal.

Approximately 1 in 10 women are suffering from the debilitating symptoms of endometriosis. Although it is rooted as a gynecological condition, endometriosis is more and more being thought of as a whole-body disease because of its widespread impacts on the body. Symptoms can include debilitating pain with menstruation, “killer cramps,” heavy bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, nausea, bowel symptoms, fatigue, infertility, as well as anxiety and depression. Having the perspective that endometriosis impacts the entire well-being, both physically and mentally, is crucial to finding proper care. Additionally, endometriosis does not look the same in every woman, especially since the extent of the disease does not correlate with the severity of symptoms. Thus, an individualized, integrative approach is crucial.

I went to graduate school to become a Holistic Health Practitioner after I sought out holistic health services for my own endometriosis symptoms. At the age of 20, I felt that I was running out of allopathic options and needed to discover a new route to alleviating my own symptoms. I was frustrated with the amount of side effects that traditional medications were causing, and I worried about enduring additional unwanted side effects and risks if I chose other treatments. Therefore, I began my journey to holistic medicine. After seeing that there was a world of opportunities to alleviate my symptoms that I did not even know existed, I felt inspired to change the trajectory of my career path to become a Holistic Practitioner and specialize in endometriosis, as well as other women’s health issues. I decided to pursue an internship with the Holistic Practitioner I was working with during my senior year of undergrad. I graduated from Worcester State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Psychology, and then I went on to obtain my Master of Science in Health and Wellness from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

I am now the owner of Sunrise Wellness & Holistic Health. My company offers an integrative approach, blending holistic medicine and protocols with an individual’s allopathic regimen to obtain optimal results. With a holistic approach, the entire well-being is evaluated. This approach examines the physical symptoms as well as the mental well-being in order to gain a full picture of an individual’s health and wellness to provide optimal results. Anyone with any condition or health goals is welcome to Sunrise Wellness & Holistic Health. However, women’s health, especially endometriosis, is a top priority because of the number of women suffering in silence. My goal is to change the narrative of care for endometriosis, enabling women to find a new, personalized approach.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I offer the following services: general health and wellness consultations, women’s health consultations, homeopathy, nutritional and herbal dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, and holistic nutrition. However, a Holistic Health Practitioner does not serve as a physician, prescribe, or recommend medications, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological conditions, or serve as a registered dietitian or nutritionist, and does not replace these services. I hold an MS in Health and Wellness, certificates in Integrative Approaches to Pelvic Pain in Women and Integrative Approaches to Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression, and I have a Micro-Credential as an Integrative Homeopathy Specialist.

A new you is dawning today!

Isabelle GianDomenico, BS, MS

Sunrise Wellness & Holistic Health

Worcester, MA

Call or Text: 508-340-4254


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