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Clarity Chiropractic- Beyond the Back Pain

Beyond the Back Pain – How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Overall Health

If you are anything like me, when you hear the word “chiropractic,” you most likely think of back pain. However, after meeting my chiropractor husband, I quickly learned that adding weekly chiropractic visits to my wellness regimen would help improve my overall health. My name is Tina and I am the office manager of Clarity Chiropractic Inc. which was founded by my husband Dr. Casey Gauthier in 2017. I thought the best way to explain holistic Chiropractic care was to share my own story.

A few years before I had met my husband in 2015, I had what I thought was sciatic pain so I started to see a local Chiropractor a few times a month but did not get the results I was hoping for. Flash forward to the first months of dating, Dr. Casey completely changed my outlook on chiropractic completely. I had no idea that getting “adjusted” could help with so much more than just back pain. I had no idea that I needed significantly more frequent care. I quickly became a corrective care patient at the office he was working with at that time. Like most of us, I had a desk job for years and was diagnosed with forward head posture. I no longer have that job but I still suffer from neck and shoulder pain occasionally but staying consistent with adjustments helps so much. The one thing I did not expect was how my immune system would respond! I don’t think I got sick till at all the entire first year I was under regular care. The spine controls the nervous system which controls the immune system – go figure! I won’t get into the details because I am not a doctor, but my husband would love to have a conversation with anyone about this!

Flash forward a few years later and both of our children have been checked for spinal misalignment and nervous system dysfunction since BIRTH! Another thing I had no idea about was that Chiropractic adjustments can help with nursing. Sometimes that baby won’t latch because of the way they came out of the birth canal. I mean, just think about it! It is quite the smooshed ride! I have seen my husband also adjust many other babies and it is FACINATING. The baby instantly latches and there are some seriously happy mamas out there.

Ok, back to our children and the immune system…considering the fact that, preschool aged kids bring home lots of sickness, I have to say that our sicknesses are never debilitating. Our kids always seem to recover within a few days and I truly believe that chiropractic care has been the reason. We are clearly a family that believes in alternative medicine, and it is my honor to be able to share my story with you so that maybe you in turn might learn something new and different to try to keep yourself and your

families healthy.

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